Tang Soo Do federation

Goal of the Federation.

The goal of the Dutch Tang Soo Do Federation is to carry out the Korean Martial Arts of Tang Soo Do. In a pleasant, relaxed manner practicing Tang Soo Do, with respect and brotherhood. We want to make Tang Soo Do accessible for everyone

What do we stand for?

For all member schools we will be accessible and transparent. Respect, brotherhood and professionalism are of very important. The founders are two professional Masters in Tang Soo Do and they want to display this to have of a good website, Gup- and Dan manuals, Gup- and Dan membership card, official diplomas etc.

Here you can read how we want to achieve this.

How can we achieve this?

To achieve this we will affiliated school members and starting Tang Soo Do instructors and schools support with our knowledge. We have many years’ experience in working with both adults and children. For starting instructors we have made a educational program. Regular we will organize various events, such as a championships, extra training for both Gup- and Dan members. We also will support affiliated Tang Soo Do schools in organizing various events.

Read here more what we have to offer.

The beginning of the Federation, The founding

Dutch Tang Soo Do Federation is an initiative of Master Bauke Dijkstra and Master Marja Dijkstra. Both have more than 25 years of experience in Tang Soo Do and both have the degree of 4th Dan. The founders have been affiliated to different organizations. At most of these different organizations you need to require all kinds of financial and other requirement to move forward to a next level. We think this can be in a different way.

Many Tang Soo Do instructors are practicing Tang Soo Do as a hobby. In The Netherlands and in Europe, it is almost impossible to make money out of your hobby Tang Soo Do.

To be different than most Tang Soo Do organizations both founders have decided to start their own Federation. Tang Soo Do should be fun, accessible and affordable.

Here you can read more about the founders (link)

What has the Federation to offer.

We believe Tradition, Brotherhood, Professionalism in Tang Soo Do is very important.

• We practice the Traditional Korean Martial Arts of Tang Soo Do. This art has survived many traditions and centuries. We will pass on this original Art.
• We will display Brotherhood and interact with each other on a friendly and honest way. We will be transparent.
• Professional means deal with each other like a “Business”, as stated in our statutes, but also obey the Law. Dutch Tang Soo Do Federation will be transparent and be honest in the way we do business with each other.
• We have experience in organizing championships, other events like organizing a family training to organizing an international seminar.
• We support the affiliated school members by issuing a Gup- and Dan manual written in understandable language.
• Publishing of a Gup- and Dan memberships card.
• Publishing of an official diploma from the Dutch Tang Soo Do Federation.
• If wanted give support for a website.

Read what we have to offer ( link naar wat hebben wij als bond te bieden).

Join the federation.

If you want to join us with your Tang Soo Do School or you have other questions? Use our contact page and we will give you as soon as possible an answer.